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Pure and authentic honeys

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Authenticity and traceability

All our honeys are rigorously selected to offer you impeccable quality

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Take care of yourself with our products of the French hive: organic royal jelly, pollen or propolis

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Discoverer of rare honeys

We go, for you, in search of the best honey vintages. Our beekeepers are selected with the greatest care. All our honeys are analyzed to ensure you an unquestionable purity.

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We work hand in hand with trusted beekeepers


A honey harvested in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes

With fresh and minty notes

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Our commitments

We buy our honey at the beekeeper's price, without negotiating on the rates, in order not to put his business in difficulty. Our honeys come mainly from small farms with which we have close and lasting ties.

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Miel Factory
28 rue de Sévigné
75004 Paris

Tél: 01-44-93-92-72

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In the news

Why do honeys crystallize?

Unfortunately, the crystallization of honey does not have a good reputation. Think again, just because honey crystallizes doesn't mean it's low quality! On the contrary. We answer all your questions about crystallization....

How do bees make honey?

Foraging bees collect nectar and honeydew from honey plants by adding their enzyme-laden saliva, which converts sucrose. Back in the hive, they distribute their harvest to other workers by trophallaxis,...

We are often asked ...

Why do honeys have different colors?

The color of the honey, comes from the varieties of flowers that are foraged by the bees.

Why are there creamy and liquid honeys?

The texture of the honey comes from the variety of flowers foraged by the bees. Un miel d’acacia restera longtemps liquide alors qu’un miel de colza cristallisera très rapidement. Some honeys are made creamy by gently kneading them with a "blender", until a creamy texture is obtained.

Do you harvest all these honeys?

We offer more than fifty varieties of honey. We work with independent beekeepers in France and abroad with whom we weave strong links.We like to anchor ourselves in a long and close collaboration with our beekeeper friends to perpetuate an irreproachable quality.As a personal matter, we take care of about fifteen hives.

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